Client Management System.

Printed material includes; flyers
email newsletter, gift vouchers, business cards
enrolment forms and rollerbanners.

Website and CMS design

Southern cricket required a website that allowed bookings for their courses as well as display company information.  The website also contains a Member’s Are which allows Southern Cricket to upload feedback, images and video for their Members, so their Members and clients can view their progress.

The Client Management System (CMS), allow Southern Cricket to add new courses, venues and schools.  They can maintain and add clients and client course bookings.  Southern cricket can maintain client information and upload feedback and images through the console.

Printed Material

Printed material for Southern Cricket includes gift vouchers, business cards, marketing flyers as well as rollerbanners.

Associated material included a newsletter linked in to the CMS, allowing Southern Cricket to write and edit email newsletters.

HTML (Email) Newsletter

Southern Cricket’s electronic newsletter is integrated with their custom Client Management System (CMS).  This allows them to create their own email newsletter whenever they wish.  They create their stories, upload images, attach their current courses and email to whichever group of clients it is relevant to.

Corporate Identity

All of Southern Cricket’s printed material has the same theme so it is immediately recognisable as the same company.  This theme is used from business cards, flyers, gift vouchers –  through to their website.

Member’s Area

Southern Cricket’s website has a secure area available only to Members.  This area is used so the coaches can upload images and video for the client to view, and also so they can make comments as to the Member’s progress..

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